Business ShouldA newsletter is a periodic publication about a specific content that is of interest to specific subscribers and is distributed to them. There are three main types namely; promotional, relationship and expert newsletters which can either be in print or digital forms. Examples include leaflets or newspapers distributed to subscribers. Presently, there are e-Newsletters gaining popularity as they can easily be delivered to one’s email. An electronic newsletter can be delivered through the web where subscribers will easily get it. Being a subscriber or a reader has numerous advantages such as community involvement, recognition, getting first hand information on promotions or current events as well as practical knowledge.

Promotional newsletters are mainly used by businesses as a promotional tool. It is also called a marketing newsletter and is sent to both current and prospective customers without a fee. Nowadays, paid subscriptions are coming up and becoming common. As a promotional tool, a newsletter provides information about services and goods in an attempt to advertise and inform customers of new services or products. Another type is the expert newsletter which is quiet common among internet marketers. Subscribers of this newsletter are usually followers of a service or a product by the newsletter’s owner.

The last type of newsletter discussed in this article is the relationship newsletter that includes clubs, employees, churches or alumni. The unique thing about this tool is the relationship of subscribers as they share a common interest. Newsletters offer a good channel for business owners to keep in touch with their customers or clients. With personalized advertising, business owners can introduce new products or offer personalized services to existing customers like discounts. Business owners also use this publication to establish their expertise as they allow sharing of information which in turn deepens and personalizes relationships. Your services can also be easily referred to other people through a newsletter.

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