Newsletter TitlesWhen meeting a stranger, often first impressions can affect your proceeding actions.  Titles of newsletters are similar to this thought.  A good title may convince visitors to become subscribers, and a mediocre title may sway them away.  People frequently read the title and decide whether the newsletter will be worth the time they spend reading it.  With that being said, the title may be the most vital part of a newsletter.  Every person viewing your newsletter is a potential customer, and taking time phrasing a few simple words can make a big difference.

Although all newsletter titles are unique, they appear to have certain things in common.  In general, a good newsletter title is short, appealing and catchy.  Shorter titles are superior compared to longer titles because the reader can easily remember a short title.  This is very efficient when subscribers interact and discuss amongst each other about the topic of your writing.  A long title may become jumbled and altered, and may result in a potential customer to read a different article with a similar title as yours.  An appealing and catchy title will work to your advantage because it will stand out from other newsletters.  Subscribers will exchange information with each other, citing your newsletter title, and if the title is not unique, they may end up with the wrong newsletter with a similar title.

Another positive aspect of having an appealing title is that visitors will be instantly interested to the newsletter by simply reading the title.  You can almost picture the viewer doing a “double take” when seeing the header.  The viewer will then become engaged and involved with your writing, curious to find out what is inside.  However, you must be careful not to over exaggerate or give false information for the purpose of catching the viewer’s eye.  Doing so can have a negative impact on your present and future subscribers.  Ultimately assembling a short phrase with words that will strike curiosity in the minds of the viewers is your goal for an ideal title.

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