Newsletter TitlesYour newsletter is all about making an impression. Your newsletter’s title is going to be what pulls your readers in and makes them want to read on. And since your title is your first chance to impress, you really need to give it some thought.

You want your title to be short, yet catchy. You want it to be something that will stick out in your reader’s minds. If your title is too wordy, chances are, people aren’t going to remember it- or want to read your newsletter for that matter.

You want your newsletter title to stand out. So try to make it unique. You want to stand out above the competition so scope out some titles that they might have and try and top it. Your title, though just a few words, can say a lot about you and your newsletter. It’s a chance to show off your creativity and wit.

But most importantly, your newsletter title is a way to get subscribers. The catchier and more creative you are, the more subscribers you’re likely to get.

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