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Many internet marketers are now using newsletter templates to achieve that professional look every subscribers look up to. Good newsletter templates could separate between the amateur, the wannabes and the professionals. There are so many websites on the internet which offers newsletter templates for download, some are free, while some requires payment. The paid newsletter templates are often much better with much better designed optimized to attract the attention of your subscribers. Here is a very important tip when you are considering to choose newsletter templates from the internet.

It is very important to not get fooled by beautiful newsletter templates – even though they are free. A simple explanation to this is the more heavy graphics are used on newsletter templates, the slower the loading time is. It might load fine on your computer, but it might load much slower on the computers of your subscribers with slow internet connection. You want to avoid heavily designed newsletter templates with heavy graphics, as slow loading ones are a huge turn off, and this could lead to your subscribers with slower internet connection unsubscribing to your newsletters. The worst thing that could happen to newsletter campaigns is having subscribers unsubscribe.

Instead, look for newsletter templates which are designed appropriately. It should be nice on the eyes and beautiful as well, but it should not be too heavily designed to the point that it would load slowly. Be sure to check if the graphics and images are compressed properly for optimal loading on the internet. It is very important to have newsletter templates which load in a moderate to fast speed on every internet connection possible.

Once you use newsletter templates with fast loading, you don’t have to worry about seeing unsubscribe rates increasing and sit down to wonder why are your subscribers unsubscribing from you.

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