Short, helpful articles about services you offer are the kind of pieces that generate pass-along referrals.

Pass-along value makes your newsletter a great way for your current customers to refer you to their friends and colleagues.

You’re the expert on your business and what you do.

Tell them about new developments.

Introduce them to new products or services.

Give tips for using existing products or services.

Think of new uses for those products or services.

Offer them articles that help them learn on their own.

If you run a house cleaning service, you know that your customers do some cleaning when you’re not there, so your newsletter should share cleaning tips your customers can use.

That way your value goes beyond the cleaning you actually do.

The chiropractor can do a short piece on back pain.

The accountant can share Five Things Every Business Plan Should Have.

Readers love leadership-management tips, and they love to read articles on saving money.

In winter, for example, you might include a tips section called Five Things You Can Do to Save Money on Your Heating Bill.

Come summertime, show them how to beat the heat with Five Things You Can Do to Save Money on Your Summer Electric Bill.

If they have a swimming pool, they’ll appreciate Five Easy Ways To Keep Your Swimming Pool Sparkling Clean (So You Don’t Have To Change The Water).

Readers find these kinds of tips informative, helpful, and enjoyable.

No matter what business you’re in, there’s a newsletter for you.

Your No Hassle Newsletter template can be easily and uniquely customized to your specific business by letting one of our talented designers create a custom masthead for you, with your branding.

Plus, we have customized content for a wide range of specific industries.

Visit our website and discover how a monthly customer newsletter keeps you front-and-center in your customers’ minds!

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