Newsletter readers and customers love a good story.

Don’t just describe what you do.

There are certain times when you’re writing articles in your newsletter where you can be selling – that’s fine.

After all, newsletters are sales letters in disguise.

But there’s a way to do that so that it reads like a success story.

Demonstrate your benefits for your customers by telling them a story about someone like them who succeeded because they purchased your product or service.

Here’s what I mean.

Instead of describing a product or service, paint a story that illustrates the benefits of the product or service.


“XYZ Insurance Company Announces New Coverage” (blahhh) with

“New Line of Coverage Saves Small Manufacturer $23,000 in Insurance Premiums” (ahhhh).

This is a much more effective headline.

It grabs the readers’ attention.

It allows you to share one of your success stories and gets readers thinking, “I wonder if this coverage would work for me?”

What you’re doing is providing information.

It’s all about good information.

But you’re doing it in a way that’s going to cause people to think, “Hmm, I could benefit from that.”

This is an extremely effective way to make your newsletter more interesting while still meeting your ultimate goal of generating more profits for your business.

What stories can you share with your readers?

No matter what your story, there’s a newsletter for you.

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Plus, we have customized content for a wide range of specific industries.

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