Customers – the ones you have now, and the ones you’ll have soon – love a little humor and a good laugh.

Just because newsletters are serious business doesn’t mean you should be long-faced and serious all the time.

Lighten your message with gentle humor.

Obviously, you’ll want to use non-offensive humor – keep your net wide and don’t get sucked into battles with trolls!

One of the things that I talk about a lot is Reader’s Digest.

Reader’s Digest is a magazine about… well, not really much of anything.

There are short stories, quips, and so on.

Their surveys have shown that the most popular thing people read—and read first—is the humor.

Do “Humor in Uniform” and “Laughter Is The Best Medicine” ring any bells for you?

How To Give Your Newsletter Readers A Good Laugh

Here are just a few tactics:

  • A funny joke about your industry or the work you do (think: Dilbert-style humor)
  • A hilarious pop-culture reference (When I say “You’re a funny guy!” – what do you naturally think of?)
  • Witty anecdotes that make your reader say, “Geez, that was cute!”
  • Some punny story everyone can relate to

As a member of No Hassle Newsletters, every month we serve up the laughs within the 24 pages of ready-to-go content you can drop right into your newsletter, without having to search or even think about it.

Time-tested, proven chuckles for your readers.

Just like people share memes on social media (and used to forward funny e-mails), they may hand off their copy of your newsletter with a note saying “Ha ha ha, check this out!”

Or they may say, “Yeah, I saw that in this newsletter I get every month. It’s pretty good. Here, have a look!”

They could be sharing that joke – and that newsletter – with your next high-ticket customer!

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