Everyone loves a good deal.

That includes – actually, I could say especially includes – your affluent newsletter readers.

Mention a special product or service or an upcoming promotion.

Or come up with samples or trial offers to get them to return to your business.

For example, if you have a coaching program, a lot of folks do a “first, second, and third month is free,” and then the client’s investment begins after that.

If you’re a mechanic, maybe a free rotation with their oil change.

An accountant could offer a free month of basic bookkeeping.

An attorney? A free review of your reader’s will, if you are in that area of practice.

An insurance agent? A free coverage check-up.

The possibilities are endless.

And they could be a simple audit-type business inspection like this one.

When your prospects and customers read (and share) your newsletter, you’ll hear from many prospects you might otherwise have never reached.

It’s the beginning of what could be a long, profitable conversation.

We’ll spark that conversation for you.

We serve many industries – yours may well be included.

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