Welcoming new clients to your business shows your audience you truly care about your customers and sets a positive tone.

It’s also a great way to say who you are currently working with.

That is using the power of association.

Often you see partial lists of customers on a business’s Web site or in their brochure, if they do those.

(I’m not a fan of brochures – newsletters are better.)

Those customers’ names can draw notice to your business, especially if you have some recognizable names.

Adding client profiles is a great way to build content.

Client profiles can be great sales tools too – though I recommend you keep them short and to the point.

A client profile that’s a page long is a real yawn, and people will not read that.

When I do client profiles, or when I do them for my corporate clients, I ask clients questions in the form of an interview, questions that I know will elicit the answers that I want.

For example, “How has using this product benefited your company?”

You can either use their answers verbatim, or you may edit them a little bit, depending on how their answers go.

Then you can turn that content into an article for your newsletter.

Overall, just printing and mailing a customer newsletter is like rolling out the Welcome Wagon.

Now, welcome your new opportunities, new revenues, and new profits.

Let’s work together and get you a Customer-Loving™ newsletter that invites prospects to hire you, and customers to stay longer and refer their friends.

We provide the content.

We provide the template.

We’ll even print and mail your newsletter.

If you need a custom article written for your newsletter (or blog), that’s us too.

Don’t let your prospects and customers read your competitor’s newsletter because you didn’t have one for them!

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