Newsletters are a form of viral marketing that can be taken anywhere.

They are received at your prospect or customer’s office, sure.

But then they are taken home, on a plane, to the kids’ soccer games – everywhere.

And when the newsletters are informative, fun, and easy to read, they are not thrown away.

People keep them and go back to read them again later.

And they tend to get read when people are sitting somewhere and need something to read.

That’s a fact.

Plus, newsletters are often read by multiple readers.

People pass along newsletters to friends, business associates, or even their neighbor.

When you go to a waiting room (doctor’s office, lawyer’s office, car repair shop, etc.) there are usually a stack of magazines and newsletters – many of them left behind by someone who was there before.

So put a stack of your own newsletters in the waiting room – yours, and other people’s.

When it’s engaging, interesting, and fun to read, people will take them home with them.

Talk about “viral marketing” in action!

This is a HUGE benefit of producing a newsletter.

The good news, is you don’t have to write anything.

I do that for you – like clockwork, every month.

Even if you need 100% fully-custom content.

I’ll print it and mail it for you, too, through my Concierge Print & Mail On-Demand Service that gets you the best deals on printing and mailing in town.

Heck, I’ll even design it for you (ask us about the Platinum Plus service).

Put this powerful viral marketing tool to work for you!

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