Niche celebrity branding is the art of making people aware of who you are, what you do, and how you’re different from and better than the competition.

Many marketing authorities cover the subject of branding with a lot of mumbo jumbo.

Here are the basics, plain and easy.

You want to have a little bell go off in people’s heads when they hear your name.

You want them to say to themselves, “Oh yes, they’re the people who…”

In other words, you’re “THE person” everyone knows they need to work with.

Establishing this brand recognition is pretty much a numbers game.

How many numbers?

Depends on which expert you choose to listen to.

Marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant says you should contact people seven times in eighteen months to make your brand stick.

In their book Marketing Boot Camp, Arnold Sanow and Dan McComas put the number at nine times in eighteen months.

Other marketing research suggests that once a month is a good frequency.

I’ve been doing customer newsletters for almost thirty years.

I’ve read the research, and I’ve seen the results clients get with different mailing frequencies.

My research and experience tell me that to get the best results from a newsletter you need to send it out, like clockwork, every month.

If a decision-maker gets your newsletter every month, he or she will remember you and what you do.

That’s because of the ways customer newsletters are different from other marketing materials.

(What comes on an infrequent basis? Junk mail.)

Think about some of the magazines you receive – Entrepreneur, Redbook, Readers Digest, Better Homes and Gardens, or some other publication.

These magazines are delivered to your home on the same two to three days each month.

This helps cement a higher value to the magazine, and it becomes a welcomed guest and not an annoying pest.

The same can be said about your customer newsletter.

When it is delivered at the same time each month, it will build up that same level of importance.

It will help build your niche celebrity brand.

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