It’s starting to come full circle for us, you and me.

We’re already talking about how your customer newsletter helps you keep your current customers, gain new customers, and build your credibility in the marketplace.

Do you still check your mail?

What’s in there?

Credit card bills and credit card offers?

I’ll bet you also receive the occasional printed newsletter from someone who you do business with, or you’ve considered doing business with.

With a moment’s thought, you could probably tell me who sends you those newsletters.

That’s my point – your competition probably isn’t doing customer newsletters.

That’s why you should be.

Because you are deciding the direction and content of each newsletter, you are differentiating yourself from others.

ESPECIALLY the larger businesses who typically do not produce customer newsletters.

That’s right – your “big box” competitors are probably leaving the playing field WIDE OPEN for you.

Get in there.

Score the touchdown.

Stand out from your competition!

Are you ready?

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