Newsletter ManagementSo, you’ve set up a newsletter. Now, how do you want to manage it? Lucky for you, there are types of software that can help. There is Atomic Email Sender, Atomic Mail Verifier and Atomic Subscription Manager among others to help. These software packages make it your job easier, making it hassle-free to manage your newsletter.

How do you get them? A lot of these software packages are available for purchase online. Some even offer a free trial.

PhpList can help you manage your newsletter as well. This e-mail manager is easy to download and can help you efficiently send attachments and track your messages.

Other software like eNewsletter Pro can also help make your job a lot easier. Not only can you track the number of hits your newsletter gets, but you can gain access to other statistics too. The Enterprise Edition of this software ensures high-speed delivery and schedules delivery times. So, where’s the catch? This software requires the user at least have Windows 2000. The installation price also depends on the number of users. For example, installation for ten users can help you manage 50,000 subscribers. The price in this case would go up to $800.

These newsletter management software packages can definitely make your job easier. Essentially, these packages serve as an extra pair of hands so take advantage of them if you can.

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