Newsletter Do’s and Don’tsWith your newsletter, you’re trying to form long-lasting relationships with your subscribers. In order to do so, you need to engage them, grab their attention- and hold it. So, it’s important to know what to do- and what not to do- with your newsletter.

Your readers want information- so give it to them. They’re going to want to read about what’s newsworthy or trendy. They want to be kept up-to-date about product developments, so keep them updated and in the loop.

Remember to stay humble. Don’t brag or boost about your products or accomplishments. If your customers think you’re only trying to get money out of them, they’re less likely to give you business. You want to sell your products but you ultimately want your readers to decide for themselves- without your newsletter throwing constant promotions in their face. So give them the facts and stick to that. If they’re impressed, they’ll buy.

Make sure you keep your newsletter simple. Don’t bombard your subscribers with too much in one newsletter. You want to keep their attention- not lose it, so stick to a single topic. Too much going on in one newsletter will cause your subscribers to lose interest.

So make sure you keep your information focused on product updates, reminders, or business announcements. Let your readers know what they have to look forward to in upcoming issues of your newsletter. You ultimately want them to keep coming back for more- so make sure you have their interests in mind at all times.

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