Whether you are starting your own company or you are looking to build on your established customer base, advertising is crucial. You want to make sure your brand message is getting out there. However, you are also aware that people can be suspicious of anything they think to be “junk mail” or “spam”. With our newsletter creation service, we can create something designed that your customers will want to read and engage with.

Professional Newsletter Templates

In order to encourage sales, it helps to create customer newsletter templates that are interesting to read and give them the copy they want to see. The kind of message that would work for promoting an accountant will be different from something that will be effective for an attorney or a podiatrist.

One of the key parts is a “Page One”, an article that highlights one of your successes in the month, letting the customer know your achievements and why you should use them. It often helps if this includes a testimonial from someone who uses your product or service, giving an extra level of assurance to the customer reading your content.

Another aspect to keep people engaged is to include something more personality driven- you could highlight a recent trade show, charity event or have an interview with one of your team, allowing people to have an extra insight behind the scenes that they wouldn’t necessarily get with a typical commercial.

The whole service

As well as providing done for you newsletters, No Hassle Newsletters can also give your newsletter printing and mail them out to your customers within five working days. To find out more about our packages and what will work best for you and your customers please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your options in more detail.

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