Mistakes to AvoidYour newsletter is a vital part of your business; it keeps you connected with your customers and significantly contributes toward generating both consumer awareness and interest in your products and services. However, committing the following mistakes with your newsletter can damage your company’s image and fail to convey the quality and value you want everyone to associate with your business.

The first mistake and most easy to avoid is forgetting to proofread. Spelling and grammatical errors in marketing communication directed at a wide audience are unprofessional and readers will begin to associate carelessness with your business if it happens more than once. Proofreading also applies to writing style and clarity; you want to make sure everything in your newsletter is adequately worded and easy to understand.

Another mistake you should look out for is featuring promotional content as the main focus of every newsletter issue. Readers won’t be motivated to open your emails if your newsletter is composed primarily of ads and product pitches. Prompt your readers to open your newsletter by including useful content such as tips and advice, expert interviews, problem/solution lists, or industry articles. Your subscribers will also look forward to your newsletter if it happens to be entertaining; so consider including content like joke of the month, amusing stories, or top 10 lists.

Finally, lack of consistency is an important lapse to avoid. You should use the same email template and similar formatting in each issue of your newsletter. Subscribers will be influenced more effectively with a consistent and immediately recognizable visual image of your company and brand. On the same note, make sure to maintain the frequency of your newsletters; this way subscribers will know when to expect your next communication as part of their routine.

So keep these tips in mind to put together a quality newsletter every time. Good luck!

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