How many marketing messages bombard you every day?

In 2007, the research firm Yankelovich, Inc. set out to answer that question for people who live in New York City.

The answer was five thousand messages a day.

Every day.

That was a while ago.

How many messages do you think people see today, as they’re glued to their smartphones?

That’s the way the world is today – you have to compete for attention.

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd and get your message through to your customers and prospects.

The same Yankelovich study tells us that thirty years ago, the number of messages was only two thousand per day.

Ads are everywhere.

They’re not just in newspapers, on billboards, and on radio and television.

You can find ads on video screens, in elevators, and in the back of taxicabs.

CBS has even put ads for its shows on supermarket eggs!

It seems that if there’s a free space anywhere in your life, there will be an ad on it soon.

There are more marketing channels too.

There are ads on the Internet, of course, and e-mail messages that fill your inbox with marketing.

There’s affiliate marketing and viral marketing.

And it all means more competition for the scarce attention of your customers and prospects.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that customer newsletters are a simple and cost-effective way to cut through the clutter and tell the people you want to reach all about you.

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