OnManage Your Onlineline newsletters are among the most practical and affordable means you have at your disposal to connect with your customers and inform them on a regular basis of everything your business has to offer. Take the following tips into account to manage the ongoing development and distribution of your email newsletters effectively and intelligently.

First of all, let’s outline a plan. What are the most important things you would like to get across to your readers every month? What sort of new audiences would you like to reach with your newsletters? It’s a good idea to write down all your ideas in a list, anything and everything you think you can expand upon and develop into an exciting feature. Add to this list whenever inspiration strikes, and evaluate which concepts you can group together under a common theme, or which ones you can use as recurrent features in multiple newsletter issues.

Next, let’s begin the distribution of your newsletters and strive to reach as many potential customers as possible. Encourage your existing subscribers to invite their friends to sign up as well; maybe you could consider setting up a referral program with incentives. Be sure to advertise your newsletter on your website, blog, and social networking pages.

So how do we keep the ball rolling after all this? Naturally, your readers will expect fun and educational content in your newsletters every month, but you can also take a more proactive approach to continuously improve your newsletter. Examine your newsletter statistics; what does the click-through reveal about type of content your subscribers found the most interesting or compelling? What type of content did you feature in the months with the highest sales? Involve your audience as well; request their feedback and suggestions and tailor your future issues accordingly. So get to work on those newsletters and best of luck!

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