HTML NewsletterWhile what’s inside your newsletter is important, your newsletter template matters too. The design you choose- the layout and the style of your newsletter- can say a lot about your company. It can also affect the amount of subscribers you’ll get. It’s human nature to judge a book by its cover and while we might tell ourselves that appearance isn’t everything, it definitely does matter.

You want your newsletter template to pull readers in. You want the design you choose to catch people’s eyes and give them a reason to read your newsletter in the first place. This is where online newsletter templates come into play and help you out.

Newsletter templates can be created with HTML. And for those that are not computer savvy, there are free HTML newsletter templates available online for companies to extract and use. These newsletter templates can be easily downloaded.

The only downside to newsletter templates is that they aren’t unique. Your creativity and hard work are not showcased here. In some ways, this can be looked at as the easy way out. There is also the chance that other newsletters are using the same templates as you. To avoid this, scope out the competition. Try to steer clear of any HTML newsletter templates that are frequently used on other newsletters.

However, if you do want to incorporate some of your own ideas, there are ways to do so. There are websites that allow companies to customize the newsletter template of their choice. You’re still saving time by not having to start a template all on your own but in this case, your personality is being incorporated into your design.

You don’t have to be an HTML expert to design a newsletter template either. There are individuals that specialize in HTML that help with template design. These HTML editors will take your input- what you want to do with your newsletter- and convert it into the compatible format for you. They’re here to help if you want to add some of your own character into your template. Otherwise, newsletter templates can be downloaded without any hassle and uploaded directly to your newsletter.

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