Write NewsletterAs far as advertising goes, newsletters are a great way to get word about new products out there. Not only are they effective but also they’re efficient too- making it incredibly simple to get word out fast to a larger audience of people. There are different kinds of newsletters too. There are print newsletters that are delivered in the mail and there are electronic newsletters that come in the form of emails.

How you present your newsletter is just as important as the way you choose to distribute it- if not more. This is where newsletter templates come into play. Your newsletter template is essentially your first impression so you want to give it thought and make it a good one. Your newsletter template is essentially what is going to pull consumers in- and ideally, your newsletter template will end up being a reason they keep coming back for more.

Consistency is key. If you switch your newsletter template up too much, consumers might get lost. You want your readers to remember you for a certain trademarked style. What goes into your newsletter essentially depends on your area of focus. You have the control here to decide what goes into your newsletter versus what does not, but there are some details that are required, depending on the type of newsletter you’re constructing. For example, in a business newsletter, your newsletter template would need to include a masthead, company logo, and calendar of events, contact information, as well as a message from the president or CEO. Since these are general things that every business newsletter would have, adding pictures or cartons to your newsletter template would add your own company flair and personality.

Throughout your newsletter, you want to keep a balance between photos and text. With your text, choose a couple of fonts and stick to them. Too much going on with the fonts could potentially confuse your readers. Fonts like Garamond, Century Gothic and Times New Roman are newsletter template friendly so try and use these. It’s okay to use style elements like bold lettering and italics but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Where margins are concerned, set your margins to one-inch throughout your entire newsletter. By doing so, your newsletter template will appear clean and organized. Newsletter templates are more effective when they appear uniform and put-together. Above everything else, you want to inform your consumers about new products and developments within your company, but if your newsletter templates aren’t organized, you might lose them in the mix. To avoid this, stick to basic fonts, simplify the margins and stay away from advertisements. You don’t want your consumers to feel bombarded- you want them to be impressed.

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