Expand Your BusinessYou wake up tired to face another long workday.  It’s early and you’re groggy and you do not want to leave the comfort of your bed to go to work.  No matter whom you are, whether you’re a small business owner or a CEO of a major corporation everybody’s window view is the same. The difference is that they have found a strategy to wake up and tackle the work day effectively, that strategy is a positive attitude.

Self-Introspection is helpful in developing a positive attitude.  You can do this by asking yourself questions about the goals and the purpose of your business.  When you do this your sub-conscious mind starts answering those questions for you.  This lets you develop a positive attitude which in turn enables you to tackle the workday with purpose.

I want to share with you some of the mores and folkways that will help you expand your business.

One: Concentrate on ways that will increase the prosperity of your business. Focus on strategies that will increase your business profits and expand your clientele.  When you hone in on these important questions your mind comes up with the answers subconsciously.  It’s important to record your answers and put them through the trial and error process to access their effectiveness and toss out those answers that fail to meet expectations.

Two: Steer clear of pessimism! I cannot stress that enough!  Your mindset should be preoccupied on your business and not all the pessimism that is out there.  Look for things that are beneficial for your business and that inspire and lift your spirit.  A good policy to follow is exposing one’s self only to positive media outlets and like minded positive people.  Negative media outlets and negative people only hinder your efforts, they never help.

Three: In order to generate wealth you must have self-discipline.  Without discipline nothing works.  You should remain steadfast and focused on your work.  Whether you are taking part in a sport, thinking of new business strategies, or putting the finishing touches on your newsletter you should give it your best effort just like you would in satisfying your clients.

Four: Learn to take risks! In order to reap big rewards you have to take big risks.  If you do not have the guts to go out there to make the right moves to make your business prosper you might as well throw in the towel.  Remember that the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the ability to rise through adversity.

Five: Embrace ingenuity. If you want to prosper in whatever business you need ingenuity to reach a wealthy clientele.  Although we are in economic hard times there are still people out there who are willing to spend money.  Try to utilize innovative methods to reach those people.

Jim Palmer is known internationally as ‘The Newsletter Guru’ – the go-to resource for smart, effective strategies that maximize the profitability of customer relationships. Jim is also the author of The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life. Get a free newsletter template at www.TheNewsletterGuru.com.

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