Newsletter StandThe front page of your company newsletter is usually where the central focus or major story will be. Since a description of the services your company provides, as well as your strengths, can be found within this main article, it is likely a significant and essential part of your newsletter. You should bear in mind that as you are explaining these services, it should be done in a manner that does not seem to be advertising or selling something to your readers. Your customers are not looking to be sold something but rather, they are reading your newsletter to gain knowledge about your company.

The main article on the front page can also be used to share some of the additional services you provide with customers that they may not be aware of. Remember that your customers typically start to network with you through just one business deal. Most companies do not have an outstanding follow-up system so in all likelihood, customers may not know of every service or product your company may have.

Another great way to start to reach this stage in your writing is to relate stories of success from your other, satisfied customers. Explain how your company was able to benefit a customer in some way, and when you can, provide proof of this success in the form of a customer testimonial.

Readers will also find it easier to read your article if it is placed in the same location in every newsletter. Also important to remember is that none of your articles, the main article included, should continue on another page of the newsletter. Your readers should not have to  keep going back and forth in the newsletter to complete an article.

The following is an example of a strategy you can use to create some good main articles to place in your company newsletter. Draw a straight line along the center of a blank piece of paper. On one side, create a list of each of the products and services you provide. On the other side, indicate an instance of a customer who has used the product or service listed. After compiling this list, you should have a number of outlines for a couple of months worth of main articles.

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