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The entire purpose of generating a monthly newsletter is to establish effective communication with your customers, clients, and prospects.  Effective communication plays a pivotal role in acquiring positive feedback from your customers.

In Order For You To Convey Your Personality Through Your Newsletter, Establishing Communication With Customers Is Integral

Your way of thinking and speaking should be conveyed through your writing style.  Charisma and personality are pivotal ingredients readers look for in newsletters.

If you have those two ingredients, you can almost guarantee yourself a steady customer base.

Speaking in first person is the most effective way to write conversationally.  It is important to use the word “you” as much as possible, and it is also a good idea to include personal examples (rather than ones that are general).

For example, “In this month’s issue we have an included an offer specifically for valued customers like you.”

This Type Of Writing Style Creates A Special Connection With Your Customers

Once I was skimming through a newsletter for Endless Vacations and found an article about cruises.

I thought, “Wow this is great!  I’ve got to tell my wife about this tonight!”

They wrote the article in Q & A interview format, which was convenient because I was able to pick out the questions and answers I was interested in.

I think it’s important that I cite a few of them (from a different article) because I think it will illustrate my point even further.


Recently, I saw an article about ocean liners. (You know I love boats – though mine isn’t quite as big as the one in the photo above!)

The conversational tone and writing was very personable and kept my interest.  It was as if someone was talking to me through the article.

Many of the questions caught my attention, including:

  • Question: “I’ve heard that crossings are often rough.  Will I get seasick?”  For the answer the article spoke about giant efficient stabilizers on the ship that reduced rocking up to 85%.  Passengers on board would feel little more than gentle rocking with waves as big as twenty feet.
  • Another question that caught my attention was “Uh-oh, the waves are actually getting pretty rough out here. And I’m feeling a little punk. Now what?”  This type of writing style reflects the personality of the author.  The article is also very informative with over the counter remedies that prevent seasickness.
  • Here is the last question I will cite.  “I’ve never cruised because I’m afraid I’ll feel trapped.”  The answer was very humorous.  It said, “Excuse me, but have you seen the size of these ships?”

The Q&A style is an excellent example of establishing rapport utilizing conversational tone and knowledgeable information, and the same time entertaining the reader in a more intimate way.

Utilizing the Q&A style for your articles in your newsletter templates is an excellent idea.

You can prompt the answers you want in interviews by creating questions in this format.  You can hone this skill by doing mock interviews with people you know.’

To sum it up:

Readers Love Writing That Oozes Charisma And Personality!

Your customers will keep subscribing to your newsletter as long as it contains these two important ingredients.

It’s like including cookie dough and chocolate chips in a chocolate-chip cookie recipe.

Now, that’s something your readers will sink their teeth into!


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