Customer NewsletterIt’s a proven fact that e-newsletters make businesses succeed. Here are seven sure-fire ways to make a great newsletter and increase your profits:

#1: Newsletters Maintain Customers

When looking to expand your business, your current customers offer the best foundation. The longer they are your customers and enjoy your products, the more likely they are to continue doing business with you. A company e-newsletter sent out every month keeps your business on their mind. When they see your newsletters in their inbox, they start to think of your company more often and each issue creates a stronger bond between yourself and your customers, supplying them with information about your goods and services that may be unknown to them.

#2: Newsletter Get New Customers

Enlightening articles in your newsletters come with a “pass-along value” that makes it easy for your customers to pass on information to their friends and family. Since the main objective of your newsletter is to get new customers, this trait is invaluable. Since newsletters are not marketing ploys but rather publications, they are great for telling possible clients about your business.

#3: Newsletters Bring Credibility

People read company brochures like marketing literature, but read newsletters as real publications. Your newsletters allow you to explain to your audience how well your products work, and sometimes even information about yourself or your business to give them real inside stories. By illustrating the benefits of your products and/or services through true customer stories and statistics, your company will start to gain credibility among your readers.

#4: Newsletters Make You Stand Out

Since everything from the layout to the text of your newsletter is under your control, you can really be creative and make it your own. This allows you to distinguish yourself from your competition, especially larger companies.

#5: Newsletters Improve Your Reputation

Although your customers may not need your services and products right now, your company will be the first they think of when they do. People want to conduct business with professionals they trust, and your newsletter will create the trust that they need.

#6: Newsletters Build Your Brand

Brands make people aware of your company, your products, your services, and what makes you different from your competitors. Your newsletter, delivered at the same time each month, builds up your brand name and helps your business to grow, since it will make people notice that you are around and a viable option for products and services that they need.

#7: Newsletters Last Longer

Newsletters go everywhere. Funny, easy to read, informative newsletters are not usually thrown away, and your customers pass them along to friends and associates, expanding your business and is probably the biggest benefit to creating a newsletter.

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