for BetterNewsletters are perfect for all types of businesses and are always useful ways to get information out about your products and services. Newsletters circulate among your customers and their acquaintances, so each issue is worth the printing cost. Listed below are five tips that should help you create better, more impacting newsletters for your customers.

1. Newsletters should be short and sweet. If you fill your letters with long, boring articles, no one will want to spend the time to read through it. Instead, see if you can have the President or CEO of your company write a short article each month about the inner workings of your company. People want to hear from the men in charge, and having your boss write articles will be sure to increase readership.

2. Be sure to proofread your newsletters dozens of times before distributing them. Having grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will discredit your company and you will lose respect. Take the time to read each line carefully a few times and be diligent in your proofreading. One mistake may happen, but any more than that and you can seriously damage your company’s image.

3. Try not to make your newsletters giant advertisements. By using your newsletter articles as advertisements, you are pushing your customers too much and losing them. Newsletters are meant to entertain your customers, inform them about your business, and educate them about your products and services. If your article is trying to sell a product, direct them to your website or telephone number for more information; do not fill your article with information easily found elsewhere

4. By creating an online newsletter, you can easily mail out your newsletters through e-mails instead of through printed paper and envelopes. This is not only the greener option, but it also is cheaper. There are special companies and websites that specialize in automatic e-mail distribution to customers, so it is worth researching them.

If you are able to follow all of these steps, you should be well on your way to creating a well-made, successful newsletter.

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