What I’m going to tell you now should shake you to your core:

If you’re not in frequent contact with your customers, clients, and prospects – and by that I mean monthly contact, at a minimum – chances are very high that they will forget about you.

According to statistics compiled by the Direct Marketing Association, customers lose 10 percent of their value each month if you do not keep in contact with them.

That means if you don’t do anything to keep in touch with prospects and customers, they forget all about you in less than a year.

If that doesn’t shake you to your core, nothing will.

Let me offer an example that I use all the time with realtors and mortgage brokers.

Several years ago (before I sold the house and bought the boat) I refinanced my home.

The guy I worked with blew me away with the level and quality of service I received.

In fact, I immediately referred this company to a few friends.

But as the weeks and months went past, I forgot the name of the refinancing company and the rep that helped me!

I could find his office in West Chester, PA by memory right now – even though I haven’t lived there for years.

But I cannot tell you his name or the name of the company!

I wouldn’t even know where to start trying to figure it out.

This happens every day to thousands of companies – don’t let it happen to yours.

That’s why regular customer newsletters are such powerful marketing tools.

Sending a print newsletter to your customers and prospects every month is the most valuable and cost-effective marketing tool there is.

Let’s team up to create and distribute a newsletter that gets you your results.

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