Fonts ForWith your newsletter, presentation is key. Every little detail matters- from the words you use down to the fonts these words are written in. The font of your newsletter can stress importance. It can signify organization too, so it’s important that you give this detail some thought.

Times New Roman, Arial, Tahoma, and Verdana round out the top four widely used fonts in newsletters. These fonts are neat and professional. It’s been found that most people prefer Verdana at 10 pt and Arial at 12 pt. Overall, Arial was preferred by web users over Times New Roman with newsletter fonts.

Don’t overdo it with the fonts you choose. Too much variety is a distraction. Keep the number of fonts you use to two or three. Typically, the font you use for your newsletter headline is different than the font used in the body. In this case, the variety is acceptable. Just make sure to keep it at a minimum.

The fonts you use are ultimately what give your words emphasis. Take advantage of options to bold, italicize, or underline key words. If you really want to stress a point to your audience, bold that part of your newsletter so their eyes are directed here. Different color fonts can also stress importance. These style techniques will catch your reader’s eye and pull them in so use them wisely.

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