Email NewsletterOne great thing about newsletters is that they can be distributed in both a print and electronic way. Whatever method you choose though, you want to make sure you are consistent and stick to that particular way. Choosing an email newsletter template is a great way to ensure consistency.

To keep things consistent, you want to make sure your newsletter template includes a masthead, a company logo, and a message from the CEO, announcements and contact information with each issue. Things like pictures or other images can add personality to your newsletter template so consider these too, even though they are not mandatory.

You want to make sure your newsletter template includes white space. You want to avoid things getting cluttered. Stick to basic fonts with your newsletter template too and don’t get carried away with all the different colors available to you. Keep it simple.

Your newsletter template is your first impression so it is important that you balance out professionalism with creativity to keep your subscribers coming back.

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