effective email If you have an email account you know just how much spam can reach your in-box every day. So much spam has gone out to people that most are suspicious of any type of business-related or advertising email that shows up in their email in-box People are generally not very trusting of email marketers. You can be smart in your approach to email marketing by making use of an e-newsletter to reach out to your customers and prospective customers.

What are E-Newsletters?

An e-newsletter is pretty much the same as a hard copy, printed newsletter. The only real difference is the media that delivers the information to your readers. Instead of mailing or handing out paper newsletters to people, you will be sending out an email message that is formatted as an informative newsletter. Some marketers send e-newsletters out as the body of the email, while others prefer to send out emails with links to their newsletters online. Either way is an acceptable format for successful e-newsletters.

Aim to Inform

Your aim in sending out an e-newsletter should be to keep your readers informed about your business or industry. Don’t get too centered on turning the newsletter into a giant sales letter for your products. It is acceptable to have some advertising in an e-newsletter, but don’t make that the focus of what you send to readers. Keep things centered on providing useful information to your readers. If a newsletter appears to be overtly focused on advertising, you will quickly find that your readership will dwindle to next to nothing.

People want useful content. When you put your newsletter together you can include all kinds of articles. You might want to have one full length article that is the centerpiece and then to tie in smaller product reviews or short features around the larger article. You might also choose to make short articles the centerpiece and avoid writing a long article. You have latitude to set it up however your like, but keep the focus where it belongs – on giving customers and other readers useful information that they will want to read.

Formatting and Graphics

Avoid getting too flashy or caught up on graphics, but do your best to make your newsletter friendly to the eyes of readers. You can include nice graphics or photographs, but be sure that they enhance and add to the reading experience. Don’t throw in graphics merely because they are pretty, use them to accentuate the all-important content of your e-newsletter. Use good formatting in the written content too. Include some white space and use bullets and numbered lists, as well as bold print, to keep readers engaged in your writing.

The bottom line in producing an e-newsletter is that it will be helpful to your business in so far as it is helpful and informative to your readers. That means you have to give to get with newsletters. You give them good content and you will get loyal readers who go to your company first because of the quality content that you give to them on a regular basis. Good PR and advertising doesn’t get any better than that.

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