Company NewsletterOne of the more popular ways to market your business today is by using electronic newsletters. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to communicate with your customers quickly – email marketing is the way to go. You can offer customers informative content, special offers, and insider discounts on your company’s products or services.

Best practices with email newsletters dictate that you should get a customer to opt in, or agree to receive your newsletters. When your subscribers are all opt in subscribers you’ll know that you aren’t wasting your time in producing your newsletter and that customers are waiting for and eagerly reading the information that you send to them.

Content is king online. However, you still have to format your newsletters to be attractive if you want them to be read. If you send out a newsletter that is full of great content, but it is all in one, large, run-on block of text, chances are your newsletter will not be read. Good formatting and design are must-have elements for a successful newsletter campaign.

If you don’t consider yourself a genius when it comes to formatting electronic newsletters there are logs of great email marketing templates that you can use. Most of these templates allow you to drag and drop or copy and paste your content directly into the template for a ready-made newsletter that is informative and attractive. You’ll have your newsletters ready to send in no time by using the right templates.

While there are lots of templates to choose from, it’s a good idea to choose one and stick with it. If you change the formatting of your newsletter every time you send it out, people will never become comfortable with the newsletter and associate it to your company. You are building or accentuating your brand as you send email newsletters out, so stay consistent with the design template. Choose a template that reflects your company and the products or services you provide to build customer loyalty.

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