Connect with your CustomersEmail newsletters are like short newspapers that focus on an organization or business; they are an effective yet inexpensive way to communicate with readers and inform them about company events, new products or services, awards, research results, and ongoing specials and promotions. Online newsletters are invaluable tools for advertising and promoting your business, establishing your brand, and gaining access to a wider audience, and therefore a wider market. Follow these simple tips to create and circulate an outstanding newsletter that will bolster the success of your business.

Include fresh and original content. Readers will not perceive genuine value from your newsletter if it contains generic or mainstream information they already know. So make sure your newsletter provides current and noteworthy content that will entertain as well as educate readers. Subscribers will appreciate helpful sections like Tip of the Week, “how to” advice, Top 10, poll and survey responses, etc.

Keep it personal; include your readers’ names in the subject line or the greeting section of the newsletter to let them know that your business cares about them as individuals. Newsletters that specifically address your subscribers by name will demonstrate that you are interested not only in selling them something, but also in maintaining an ongoing relationship with them. On the same note, make an effort to get to know your readers better. Invite them to participate in polls or surveys and include your contact information in your newsletter. This will give you a chance to better familiarize yourself with their interests and values while letting your readers know that their opinions are important to your business.

Once you get to know your readers, it is equally important that your readers get to know you. Add personality to your newsletter by including personal opinions, humorous anecdotes, or amusing jokes. Maybe you could occasionally include photographs of your team; readers will then begin to perceive your business as a friendly and approachable group of people instead of a distant, faceless entity. Newsletters are a great opportunity for connecting with your readers on a more personal level and building customer trust and loyalty, both invaluable factors for the success of your business.

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