on Quality Because the importance of acquiring and retaining email subscribers is paramount, your email publication must be not only informative but also visually appealing.

Many email list owners are using newsletter templates which promote what they hope their subscribers will trust, embrace and remember. Before you work on your email campaign, you should choose a one that is well-designed and looks very professional. Carefully consider the many themes which compliments your brand, business and/or Web site. With a quality theme, you are able to better elicit a better response rate.

With a well-designed email newsletter, you build a large email list of subscribers, each of whom are willing to read what you are emailing them. All of the newsletter templates that you are checking out must be based on quality. Also, you should be mindful of the important components of the newsletter templates you like: header, footer, logo, navigation, and menu.

The typical template for email newsletter contains the following components: the header which contains block of data (the title and description of the email newsletter) located at the top of the email; the footer contains block of data (Copyright, date, etc.) located at the bottom of the email; the logo which is usually found in the header; the navigation that redirects an email subscriber to a Web page which usually opens in a pop up window; and the menu which includes a list of choices from which email subscriber can choose. However, many templates for online publications varies.

Soon, your email campaign’s effective can be greatly improved. You will find many newsletter templates online. However, you must choose one that appeals to you and for your email campaigns. To get your readers’ feedback, include a feedback link to gauge your readers’ responsiveness to your chosen template.

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