Attract TrafficTraffic is not just traffic, as the traffic that you want pouring in your website is targeted traffic – the potential customers who are interested and wants to know more about the topic on your website with chances of buying your products. There are plenty of ways to generate targeted traffic, but there is one way which might surprise you – the use of effective newsletters.

Yes, you read that right. You might have not used this to your advantage, but now you know, therefore you should take full advantage of using your newsletters as means of generating targeted traffic. It does not cost much, but it needs time, effort and ingenuity integrated into your current strategy.

Everyone knows the power of ‘word of mouth’ marketing, as it spreads very quickly, and to people that matters. You need to implement a few psychological elements as well in your newsletters to get your readers to do this, and one of it is by being consistent. This would slowly develop trust and credibility with your current readers, and remember, people would only let others know about you if they trust you and find you reliable as they themselves don’t want to me embarrassed if you don’t perform after recommendation.

Once you gain trust, at the end of your newsletters don’t forget to soft sell by asking your fellow readers to share your information with people whom they know would be interested in your newsletters by providing them with links to your squeeze page. Not only would you be able to build your list even more with this, you might even generate more traffic and sales to your site!

Bear in mind that in order to utilize the power of the word of mouth strategy is to really please your current subscribers with quality information in your newsletters, give them something interesting that they could use to spread the word about you.

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