Benefits of usingIf you are an HTML newbie, then it wouldn’t be easy for you to design your own newsletter from the start. However if you use newsletter templates as a sample, it makes your designer task easier. First design the same templates a couple of time and once you get hands on it, try to create your own customized newsletter that meets your requirements.

You can find many different free newsletter templates on websites that exclusively offer such templates to assist user in creating their newsletters. You download these templates along with a coding or source file and upload them to your newsletter management software. These sample newsletters are customized by making necessary changes in the coding file. An HTML source file is edited using an HTML editor such as Nvu. Nvu and many others like this editor can be downloaded free from internet.

If you have no past HTML experience, then you can use these simple user-friendly HTML editors to make alternations in your newsletter template. These editors are usually called WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors. These types of HTML editors are developed for new HTML users. They have certain built-in HTML functions that you can perform without having any advanced level HTML experience. An HTML editor allows just a single mouse click to perform an HTML functions.

In order to customize your newsletter template, just open the sample template with the editor and it will guide you towards next steps. You can have a quick view on your changes by viewing it in the preview tab.  There are buttons to add tables, fonts, images and table, you can use these buttons on editors to chance any part of the template while keeping the other parts as they are. If you are using the editor first time and afraid of losing the original template, then keep a back up copy of it and use another copy for designing practices.

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