Critical MistakesWhen creating your newsletters, there are many things to focus on. However, there are also a few things that you must avoid if you want your newsletter to become successful. Listed below are the four critical mistakes that you must avoid if you want your newsletter to be helpful to your company instead of a detriment.

  1. Not Providing Contact Information– Although this seems impossible, this is a common occurrence. If you are going to invest the time and effort to make a great newsletter, you must include your contact information! The best thing to do is to include multiple ways for your customers to contact you including through telephone, fax, email, and websites.
  2. Forgetting That It is for the Customers– Many times, newsletters concentrate to heavily on “your thoughts” and not enough on the customers. If you want your customers to enjoy reading your newsletters every month, you must include information that is helpful to them. Do your best to make your newsletters fun and entertaining while still being informative so that you do not bore your readers.
  3. Not Enough Pictures- The worst thing to do for your newsletter is to cram it with text and very few pictures. In order to have your newsletters read, it is best to follow the “Rule of Readability,” which states that if your clients can look at your newsletter and determine that it can be read in less than ten minutes, it will be read. If not, it most likely will not be read and instead will be disregarded and forgotten.
  4. Lack of a Distinctive Personality- As mentioned before, the worst thing for your newsletter is to be boring, since people are given boring marketing catalogues every day. Be creative and give your newsletter a personality all its own so that people can differentiate your newsletter from other company’s newsletters. If your newsletter is unique and entertaining, people will look forward to reading every issue.

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