Online NewslettersEmail newsletters establish a vital channel of recurrent communication between your business and your customers. As such, it is imperative that you make a serious effort to uphold high standards of quality in your newsletters, as they provide a meaningful indication of your company’s professionalism and the value you can bring to consumers. The following points elaborate on a few errors you definitely don’t want to commit with your newsletters.

First of all, don’t let the promotional content overshadow the sections that should occupy the foreground of your issues. Readers will most likely grow inclined to unsubscribe from your newsletter if your issues consist overwhelmingly of product pitches and advertisements. Convince your subscribers that your newsletter is useful, informative, and entertaining by including content like interesting articles, tip of the week, amusing personal anecdotes, advice columns, or eye-catching photographs.

It is unbelievably easy to overlook typos and grammatical mistakes in your newsletters. Sometimes it may be the case that you’re running short on time, or you’re so happy to have finally finished writing that last article that you forget to proofread before sending out your newsletters. You don’t want to compromise the standing and credibility of your business this way, however trivial the mistake. Also ask yourself as you proofread, is the message clear? Are the sentences fluid and articulate?

A final mistake to avoid is inconsistency. You want to be consistent with all aspects of your newsletter, including the template, layout, organization, and frequency of your newsletters. It’s good to change things up sometimes for novelty and creativeness, but you don’t want to render your newsletter unrecognizable from the one you sent last month. Once you find an image that works, stick with it; a consistent brand image is much more likely to attain prominence in the mind of your customer when selecting a product or service.

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