Avoid MistakesWith your newsletter, design matters. You want to avoid mistakes so your newsletter template is the best it can possibly be. So what should you try to steer clear of?

You want to make sure your newsletter template isn’t too crowded or busy. White space is important. If your newsletter template is too busy, your subscribers might get turned away. Where should you add white space though? Focus on your margins along the top, bottom and sides of your newsletter template. You should consider adding white space between your columns too so everything looks organized.

Another common mistake people make with their newsletter template is that they go a bit graphic-happy. Adding too many graphic or style elements in your newsletter can also take away from your newsletter template. Your subscribers might get distracted and overlook important information that you’re trying to get across.

This being said, you also want to stay away from adding too much color. Color can definitely add to your newsletter template, but at the same time, too much color can take away from it. If you use it in doses, it can still cause an impact.

Overall, you want to make sure your newsletter template is serving the right purpose. Keep these tips in mind to avoid making mistakes that could compromise the credibility of your newsletter.

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