Amateurs GuideThe production of a newsletter entails much more than the writing and compiling of articles.  One of the most important skills needed to create a newsletter is HTML coding.  Not everyone is proficient in the field and this often turns off would be newsletter publishers from following through.  If you yourself want to compile a publication but do not possess the proper computer skills, it is best to use a previously made template and work from there.

Programs such as Microsoft Word and other word processors already have templates for newsletters, leaflets, and brochures that are only missing the articles and pictures.  The files require no coding and can also be downloaded through websites that specialize in these types of services.  Most newsletter templates are free and look professional and modern.  Coding is also available so that an aspiring HTML writer can observe how it works and alter it from there.  In order to make modifications to the template one does need an HTML editor so that they can alter the code.  These services can also be found online.

HTML editors can also come in easy to use programs that automate the coding for those that have no experience with it.  The programs make it so that a user need only click his mouse to edit templates and code.  These specific programs are known as WYSIWYG, what you see is what you get editors.  Once you have one of these editing programs it is as easy as opening the desired template in the program and getting to work.

These programs have tools such as preview windows that show your progress as your moving along in the process.  All the possible formatting changes one can make are organized in a toolbar.  Photos, font, and colors can be altered with no knowledge of technical HTML writing.  Everything on the template can be altered to your specification and there is no need to stress about making mistakes.  With this new type of technology one can work on certain aspects of the template without altering the rest, and it is always possible to open up a back up file and start over.

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