Personal FlairSome people think that the subject line of an email newsletter determines if your subscribers will open the email. Actually, what really matters more is how you personalize your emails.

Have you ever had a colossal amount of emails sitting in your inbox? Reading them all seems almost as bad as washing the car or doing the dishes, so of course you do what’s easiest: hit “select all” and delete everything boring.

In situations like these, people judge the quality of the emails and newsletters by the sender. If you get an email from someone obscure, or someone who regularly sends you useless emails that are a waste of your time, you’ll probably just delete the email without even looking at the subject line.

However, if you know that the sender regularly sends you quality emails, you’ll read the subject line and open the email.

Emails are somewhat judged by the subject line, but it’s easier for you to get your email newsletters opened if your subscriber trusts you to send them quality emails. Instead of making your subject line stand out, make the subscriber remember the informative or entertaining content of your previous emails. Do this often enough, and your subscribers will enthusiastically look forward to receiving email newsletters from you.

Right from the beginning, your email newsletters should have content that’s worth someone’s time. The text in your newsletters can inform your readers about something new, and then promote a product.

Another way to reach out to your email newsletter readers is by being personal. As long as it’s not distracting from the content of the email, you can mention that vacation you went on, or that play your daughter was in. Some people will find this annoying, but others will enjoy it and they’ll be able to relate to you. When your subscribers feel like they know you, they won’t delete the newsletters you send them.

A great relationship with your loyal subscribers makes up for having an uninteresting subject line. If your subscribers know that the contents of the newsletters are worth reading, they’ll open your emails. They’ll even look forward to seeing them in their inbox. If you can get your subscribers to open your newsletters, you can send them great offers. When your subscribers trust the newsletters you send, you’ll have a positive relationship with them.

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