A BasicWhen designing a newsletter it is important to remember that the overall look and feel to your publication is its main selling point.  It only takes a few seconds for a person to look at a newsletter and determine whether or not they would be interested in reading it.  Your publication must be well put together and easy to read.  If a publication is not given the proper amount of preparation and production time, it will most likely be thrown away or deleted.

The main purpose of a newsletter is to inform a subscriber about relevant information.  If it does not look enticing to a subscriber than they will not even bother with the content.  No matter how good the information you have included within your newsletter is, it will all be for naught if the overall publication does not have any appeal.

Cluttered articles and shoddy formatting are absolute turn offs.  It is sometimes better to leave space and room in the publication.  White space between photos and text result in a better looking lay out and an easier reading experience.  Professional appearance is everything, if you can make your newsletter stand out you have already succeeded.  It is important that the tables and text do not run too close to the margins or overlap.  Titles and subtext should be separated from other content through white space as a border.  Attention to detail is all you need to succeed.

Another common mistake is going overboard with graphics and images.  Graphics are a good means of making your publication striking and original, but it is important to not use them excessively.  Even slight additions such as dashed and shaded borders take away from the clear cut and organized design that one hopes for. Shaded backgrounds for instance blend in with the font and make it harder to read.  It is important to only utilize graphics when absolutely necessary rather than resorting to them as a means of decoration.

Excessive colors can also result in an eyesore for subscribers.  It is best to pick one or two colors and stick with them.  Too many varying colors can result in clutter and make it unappealing.  It is your top priority to make your publication stand out among the number of emails people receive every day.  Color is best used sparingly, say in the title of the newsletter.  When color is used in text it makes it cluttered and hard to read.  It is best to keep things simple, use color sparingly, and make sure your text is easy to read.

Although it is important to focus on design, one must not forget about the importance of informative content.  Your facts and statistics must be reliable or subscribers will be turned off and not bother to continue reading your publication.  One wrong detail may annoy a well read subscriber and result in a loss of credibility.  Make it your priority to pay attention to detail and you will be able to produce an effective and informative newsletter.

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