The most effective newsletters all follow a similar template. Follow these steps to design a successful and attractive newsletter.

Make it Personal

The best newsletters are not just business; they are personal. Allow your character to shine through in your newsletter so that it does not sound like another boring sales pitch. One simple, though often neglected, way to make an e-newsletter personal is to address the customer by name rather than by a generic term.

To make the newsletter personal, know who you are writing to. Know your audience’s interests through internet surveys. Apply the knowledge you gain from those surveys to future editions of the newsletter. Include a “share this newsletter with a friend” feature, so that subscribers can refer interested friends.

It is important to know your readers and their wants because e-newsletters attract people with similar personalities and interests. By knowing your existing customer base, you can easily locate and gain even more subscribers. No matter how many subscribers you have, proper research and maximize utility and interest for the readers.

Avoid Being the Over-Eager Salesman

Newsletters are an effective way to expand the use of your product and services by existing users, but this should not be achieved by overzealous advertisement. Third-party ads are permissible, but having too many can cause readers to be turned off by constant pitching..

Formatting the Newsletter

Using newsletter templates can dramatically reduce the time you spend on formatting and design. Select a template that is appropriate for your industry and closely matches your brand. Select 1 template and stick with it. Using multiple newsletter templates can be detrimental confusing readers by continually presenting a non-uniform brand and format.

Segment Your List And Subject Matter

Segmenting your list allows you to more closely match your content with your customers interests. If the information in a newsletter is too general your readers will eventually deem your information as useless for their specific needs. Make sure your content is highly relevant to your readers interest.

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