Increase Customer Retention with Done-For-You Dentist Marketing

The truth is that for just about any dental practice out there, the greatest potential for new business and higher profits lies within its current customer base. The “gold” you are searching for right now is likely already in your practice! However, too many dentist spend the majority of their marketing efforts and dollars on trying to constantly win over new customers.

This one-sided focus on customer acquisition is a costly marketing mistake and the faster you focus more of your efforts on customer retention, the faster you will become more profitable. Did you know that each 1% increase in customer retention equals 7% increase in profits? That’s ridiculously huge!!

One of the best and most overlooked weapons to capitalize on this revelation is the use of dentist newsletters. Dentist newsletters are an invaluable patient building tool that's proven to increase customer retention and boost referrals. We've developed a system that will automate this process and produce done-for-you dental practice newsletters customized to your needs. Read more about our program and start capitalizing on a void that's sitting directly under your nose.

That's right, we'll also print and mail your newsletters for you, making the entire process turnkey. I can't make getting more profitable repeat business any easier!

Your newsletters will be printed, addressed, folded and delivered to the post office for mailing in 5 business days or less! Just send us your mailing list and finalized newsletter each month and we handle the rest.

Our own customers tell us that our prices are 10% - 20% less than your local printshop and to make the deal even sweeter, every month you'll receive a discount coupon for $40 off any print order. Click the button below to view our discounted prices

My name is Jim Palmer and I've been marketing and growing businesses for 30 years. I’m best known internationally as “The Newsletter Guru” thanks to my famous No Hassle Newsletters and my hit book, "The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life."

I've been a featured expert in several books and I'm a frequent guest on radio shows and podcasts talking about client retention and smart marketing strategies.

I'm also the author of several other books and programs on how to effectively market and grow a business, such as;

Finally, I'm very proud to be recognized as a Glazer-Kennedy Insiders Circle™ preferred vendor. Jim and his team currently serve hundreds of clients in nine countries every month boost their profits with an awesome ‘Done-By-Us-For-You’ No Hassle Newsletter. Are you ready to join the team?

P.S. Whatever price you sign up at – I guarantee not to raise your rate for five full years! No matter how much it goes up – you will be locked in at the current rate for five full years! If you have any questions about No Hassle Newsletters, please email us your question or call our office at 800-214-6158. A member of my client support team will be happy to assist you.

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