A Message From Jim Palmer -
The Newsletter Guru

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners are on a continuous search for new customers, thinking that’s the best way to build their business and boost their profits. If this sounds familiar, I have three very important questions to ask you.

  1. Would you like to get substantially more profitable repeat business from your current customers?
  2. Would you like your customers to stay longer and buy more of what you offer?
  3. Would you like your customers to give you the referrals you deserve?

If you said YES to any of these questions,
I have great news for you!

The truth is that for just about any business, the greatest potential for new business and higher profits lies within its current customer base. The “gold” you are searching for right now is likely already in your business!

However, too many business owners spend the majority of their marketing efforts and dollars on trying to constantly win over new customers.

This one-sided focus on customer acquisition is a costly marketing mistake and the faster you focus more of your efforts on customer retention, the faster you will become more profitable.

Did you know that each 1% increase in customer retention equals 7% increase in profits? That’s huge!!

I experienced this life changing business transformation 30 years ago with the help of a customer newsletter and I never looked back!

I’ll share more about this paradigm shift shortly, but first there is
something important I need to tell you.


If This Sounds Familiar, I Have a Quick and Easy Solution For You!

With No Hassle Newsletters, my wildly popular business building program, I not only solve the problem of “not knowing what to put in your newsletter” – I also solve the time crunch and expensive problem of designing it! Plus, my team can even print and mail your newsletter for you!!

Let me talk about content. Every month, No Hassle Newsletter members receive 24-pages of my Famous Customer-Loving™ content – a wide variety of articles, puzzles, clipart, and more! You get a ton of professionally written articles on a wide variety of topics and subjects that your customers, clients, and patients will love to read. And as a member of No Hassle Newsletters, you’re free to use it all in your newsletter!

And because we have subscribers in nine countries, I provide a huge section of articles written by international writers! Here are just some of the categories of articles you’ll find every month:

  • Calendar Items
  • Work Tips
  • The Work/Life Balance
  • Healthy Living
  • Making Work Easier
  • Vacation Tips
  • Increase Your "Tech" IQ
  • Let's Talk Safety
  • Learning
  • Financial
  • Humor
  • Puzzles
  • Graphics
    (B2B and B2C)
  • Non-Profit
  • By The Numbers
  • Family Fun

Now let me talk about newsletter design! In addition to my Famous Customer-Loving™ content - members of my Platinum Newsletter Marketing System also receive my amazing ‘Ready-to-Go’ No Hassle Newsletter Templates! Every month my design team and I prepare four newsletter templates! You get both 2-page and 4-page newsletters in both black and white and full color versions!

My No Hassle newsletters are already filled in with a great assortment of articles that your customers will love to read but since you get them in Microsoft Word, they are quick and easy to edit if you’d like to change out an article or two. If you can copy and paste you can quickly and easily edit No Hassle Newsletter templates!

Let Me Show You How Amazing My
No Hassle Newsletter Content and Templates Are!

Yes Jim, But Do You Have A Newsletter For My Business?

Without a doubt that’s the most frequently asked question I get, and the answer is a resounding “Yes!” My No Hassle Newsletter System works amazingly well for any business, in any industry because of my simple yet highly effective newsletter marketing formula. Truthfully, let me tell you, your customers are no different than anyone else’s.

The bottom line is your customers are not interested in a newsletter full of ‘business’ stuff. You may be interested in what you do, but they’re not. They are busy and time strapped just like you.

The main job of a newsletter is to build stronger more profitable relationships with your customer, clients, patients, and prospects. This cannot be done if you send them a boring newsletter all about business stuff.

My super simple, yet highly effective newsletter marketing formula is this: Include one lead article about your business. I call this page one article your monthly success story and this is where you describe how one of your customers has benefited from one of your products or services. You can also include a shorter ‘personality based’ article to help them get to know you better and that’s it! The rest of your newsletter, if you want them to read it, needs to be articles that are fun, interesting, informative, and entertaining.

This is just a partial list of the hundreds of industries my clients are in. I hope this persuades you from thinking that ‘your customers are different’ – because they are not!

By the way, your No Hassle Newsletter template can be easily and uniquely customized to your specific business by letting one of our talented designers create a custom masthead for you! To see just a small sample of the hundreds of custom mastheads we’ve created for our clients, please click here!

Introducing 'Platinum Plus' Industry Specific Newsletters!

As part of our continuing effort to make producing your monthly newsletter fast, easy, and profitable, we now offer 'Platinum Plus' industry specific newsletter templates for some of the most popular categories! These amazing 'Done-for-You' newsletter templates come in both B/W and color versions and already contain custom mastheads and professionally written industry specific lead articles!

Here are some of the industry specific newsletters we're currently offering:

Residential Realtor Dentist Chiropractor Attorney Insurance Broker

Accountant HVAC Dealer Residential Home Cleaner Podiatrist

And the best part is, our 'Platinum Plus' industry specific newsletter templates are included at no additional cost with your Platinum or Master Reseller membership!

To see samples of these amazing 'Platinum Plus' custom newsletter templates, simply click the image on the right.

Why You Should Listen to Me

As I said, my name is Jim Palmer and I've been marketing and growing businesses for 30 years. I'm known
internationally as The Newsletter Guru thanks to my wildly popular No Hassle Newsletters and I literally
wrote the book on newsletter marketing - The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More
Profits and Customer for Life

I'm also the author of several other popular marketing and business building books and business building
programs such as:

  • Stick Like Glue – How to Create an Everlasting Bond With Your
    Customers So They Spend More, Stay Longer, and Refer More
  • The Fastest Way to Higher Profits
  • It's Okay To Be Scared – But Never Give Up
  • Stop Waiting For It To Get Easier - Create Your Dream Business Now!
  • Double My Retention
  • The MARS Training Program
  • I've been a featured expert in many other business books and I also privately
    coach several business owners how to market and grow their businesses faster.

In addition to No Hassle Newsletter, I'm also the creator of the mega-hit No Hassle Social
Media. After you're done checking out No Hassle Newsletters, be sure to visit www.NoHassleSocialMedia.com to see how I can help you to quickly and easily profit from
this low to no cost marketing phenomenon with my 'done-for-you' Social Media content.

Finally, I’m very proud to be recognized as a Glazer-Kennedy Insiders Circle™ preferred vendor.
Jim and his team currently serve hundreds of clients in nine countries every month boost their profits with an awesome ‘Done-By-Us-For-You’ No Hassle Newsletter. Are you ready to join the team?!

No Hassle Newsletters Sounds Great Jim!
What’s The Investment?!

I’m Glad You Asked! We Have Three Popular Programs To Choose From:

But What If I Need Help?

That's where my team and I really shine! While we are largely an internet based company, I have assembled a real team of client services professionals that are standing by ready to help you make newsletter marketing a big success for your business! In addition to our extensive collection of easy to follow video tutorials, you can reach our team by phone or email. If you would like one of our newsletter professionals to do 100% of your newsletter for you, please refer to our Platinum Plus Concierge Option!

Act Now To Begin Building Your Business and Boosting Your Profits
By Getting You More Repeat and Referral Business!

So there you have it. I’ve now shared with you the absolute best (and proven) way to boost your profits and get and keep more customers for life! Plus, I’ve also just told you about the absolute best ‘Ready-to-Go’ No Hassle Newsletter program that will make newsletter marketing quick, easy, painless, and profitable for your business!

I am so convinced that you’ll love my No Hassle Newsletter Program, that I am backing it up with my 100% Iron Clad No Hassle Newsletter Guarantee!

While I know you're going to love No Hassle Newsletters, the Ultimate ‘Ready-to-Go’ Newsletter Program, I’ve also assembled an amazing collection of valuable bonuses that you will get immediately upon registering!

Act Now And Become My Next 'Over-the-Top' Happy Client –
Significantly Boosting Your Profits By Selling More To Your Current Customers
And Getting The Referrals You Deserve!

I encourage you to act now and make the smart decision to begin focusing more of your marketing efforts on customer retention. Stronger healthier customer relationships are by far the best way to grow your business and significantly boost your profits by getting you more repeat and referral business.

And there’s nothing easier than my exclusive No Hassle Newsletter marketing system to help you build and maintain stronger, healthier, and more profitable customer relationships.

Please choose the membership level that works best for your business and my team and I look forward to working with you! By the way, you’re going to love the ‘World Class Service’ and support my amazing client support team is known for.

To Your Success,

Jim Palmer
The Newsletter Guru

P.S. If you’re a coach, marketing consultant, or provide marketing services to your own customers and clients, you can now add ‘ready-to-use’ No Hassle Newsletter Templates and newsletter content to your company’s offerings, providing an instant profit center!

P.P.S. Whatever price you sign up at – I guarantee not to raise your rate for five full years! No matter how much it goes up – you will be locked in at the current rate for five full years!

P.P.P.S. If you have any questions about No Hassle Newsletters, please email us your question or call our office at 800-214-6158. A member of my client support team will be happy to assist you.


Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. What types of newsletters are available and can they be used for my business?
A. This was answered above; please click here to see my answer!

Q. What kind of content can I expect?
A. We provide a huge assortment of content on a wide variety of topics and subjects. Please click here to see my longer answer above!

Q. Do you have content specific to my business?
A. We provide content that your customers will love to read. We do recommend one lead article about your business and if you don’t want to write that article we will write it for you! please click here to see my answer!

Q. Can you do my entire newsletter for me every month?
A. Yes! Busy entrepreneurs love our Platinum Plus Concierge Level Service. You simply sit back, approve the proof and let us do the rest. Click here to learn more!

Q. I'm confused, what's the difference between each level?
A. You can see the benefits of each program in this handy chart, or a member of our client support team would be happy to talk with you. Please call 800-214-6158 or email guru@thenewsletterguru.com

Q. What do I need to do to get started; I've never done a newsletter before?
A. We have created No Hassle Newsletters just for you! Everything is laid out and easily explained in the membership site. You will be contacted by a member of our client support team AND we’ll also email you immediately with some easy to follow instructions. And again, we have a library of small but highly instructive video tutorials that will walk you through every step of the process!

Q. What is all of this going to cost me per month including print and mail?
A. There is no quick answer to that since it depends on your membership level and how many newsletters you print and mail. By the way, the higher your quantity the lower the per piece rate. Essentially though, your investment in getting more repeat and referral business in made up of two pieces: your monthly membership rate which you can find in the chart above, and also the cost for printing and mailing which you can also find in the Concierge chart by clicking here.

If we didn’t answer your immediate question, we’d like to know and we’re ready to assist you!
Please contact us by phone at 800-214-6158 or by email at guru@thenewsletterguru.com.

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I’ll also give you the first two chapters of my wildly popular book, The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life.

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